Hey Babe

Hey Babe

Isabella Peschardt
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// ソフトゲットー soft ghetto //

Anonymous asked: Hey babe.


Anonymous asked: I feel like you send anons to yourself lol

Ew wtf no

Anonymous asked: Why u up so late its almost 3 in NY

My two girls are over at my place and we have been talking since 8.

beauty-is-our-weapon asked: I seriously dont get why they are so into your "obsession" with girls, that doesn't mean you are lesbian i mean i am a girl i get turn on with boobs asses and sex and i have proven that i am 100% straight. What can i say,, WE ARE HOT AF!

hehe telllllll em

Anonymous asked: Do you think it's wrong to jack off?


Anonymous asked: He doesn't even follow you on vine

Really bitxh ? That’s some petty shit

Anonymous asked: you and jalen would be so cute why arent u guys dating

Let us be